Goal #1 Represent our self

The younger generation is in a never ending battle to have our issues and concerns addressed. We are told constantly that if we want something done we need to stand up and do it ourselves, because no one will do anything for us. Now is our time to stand up and fight for ourselves! We will have our voices heard!


Goal #2 Elect our own public officials

The current establishment has already made it clear that we do not matter when it comes to passing legislation that will protect us. We MUST elect our own public officials that will make decisions based not only on whats good for the country but whats good for US too!

Goal #3 Register all Millennial's to Vote

In order for us to make Goal #1 and #2 happen we need to first make Goal #3 happen and that is for all Millennial's to register and vote! We need to register to vote so we can elect our local, state and federal officials. Electing our own public officials will ensure we will have our voice heard.

We Represent Us!

This party was created to allow us Millennial's to have a voice in this political world! WE DESERVE TO BE HEARD! No longer will we allow others to bear the burden of shaping America for us. America is our home it is about time that we as Millennial's pull our weight and help make decisions in this country. 


NO MORE will we be taken as a joke! 

NO MORE will our voices not be heard. 

NO MORE will we stand by and let this current establishment ignore our demands!

WE WILL be heard!

WE WILL represent ourselves



Next Steps...

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.